Personal Coaching

The coaching journey

Personal coaching is like a journey, in which you are walking in a forest, together with an experienced walker who assist you and encourages you to continue walking even when the way becomes very challenging. In this journey, there are stop stations that characterize the milestones that you’ve defined in the beginning of the coaching. There is also a terminal that represent the outcomes that you’ve asked to accomplish through the coaching process.

Areas of life for improvement

When person comes to an introduction coaching meeting, I always ask him to choose a few areas of life in which he wants to be in a better place in about four-five months from now – this is the time the coaching journey lasts.

After he or she chooses the areas (like: carrier, family, friends, money, etc) I ask regarding each area what are the specific outcomes that he wants to see in the end of the coaching journey (for example: under carrier: decision regarding the desired new position, under family: have a quality time with each child at least one time every second weak, etc..).

After the coachee creates the outcome list for the coaching process with my assistance, we move to the next station in the coaching journey – discovering the life propose of the coachee – the unique thing that he was born to bring to the world. It’s a short and beautiful process that in the end of it the coachee has a life propose statement – it’s like the North Star that shines in the sky and show the direction of the journey even in the hours of darkness.

Three Games in the coachee travel bag…

Game results, welfare game and guidelines game are three accessories that we take to every coaching journey  – those are working tools that we use in each section of the coaching path.

In the game results the coachee capture during every meeting the things that he commits to accomplish by the next meeting, all are in the context of his over-all coaching results and his life propose statement. There are two kind of results that I encourage to include in each game results: doing results (like: list of desired characteristics in the next role) and being results (like: improve the feeling of self-confidence from 5 to 7 in the scale of 1-10).

The welfare game contains 14 qualities that describe the coachee when he feels satisfied and very good with himself. We check those qualities in the beginning of each meeting (again through scale of 1-10) and explore the connections between them and the game results achievements.

Last one is the guidelines list game: sentences that the coachee gathers during the journey – kind of insights that helped him to achieve things during the current journey and can help him in the future too.

Personal caching is like a journey, in which the way towards the destination is important no less than the destination itself. Like the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, the track is an opportunity to learn new things, to improve abilities and skills which enable the coachee to achieve the next goals by himself with no dependency in a coach.

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